The Wonder Woman Workout

The Wonder Woman Workout

30 May 2016

These girls are super hot both on and off screen, but how just do they maintain those killer curves? We'll let you in on a little secret



She may have risen to fame as Gisele in the Fast and the Furious, but it’s Gal’s new role as Wonder Woman in Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice that really got the masses talking. But how did she get fit for her role as the legendary superhero?

EXERCISE: While she was always been sporty as a kid, Gal upped the ante on her usual exercise routine with lots of Pilates, martial arts and rock climbing to bulk up her naturally skinny frame. She threw in some paddle-boarding and TRX, too – exercises she actually enjoyed – so that she didn’t get bored. Workouts we can manage quite easily here in Dubai!

DIET: A self-confessed foodie (aren’t we all?), it was all about portion control rather than denying herself the occasional treat. Food is fuel, so in general she eats clean with foods rich in fibre plus lots of fruit and veg. She’ll throw in a cheese burger for good measure though, so don’t worry too much!

The Wonder Woman Workout



Girls’ girl Jen is known for her positive outlook on female body empowerment and is a big champion of curves, but wearing only a layer of blue paint and a few well-placed scales, we can’t blame her for upping her exercise regime, right?

EXERCISE: Jen includes a daily Pilates class into her schedule, but also works out for an hour, twice a day. A little too much for us mere mortals, we know. But when she’s too busy, it’s all about short bursts of high intensity interval training circuits (HIIT), as well as using bodyweight instead of actual weights.

DIET: It’s no surprise Jen is a junk food lover but in training, it’s all about snacking thoughtfully – think full-fat Greek yoghurt, a little dark chocolate and hummus and vegetables. She also swears by regular fish oil supplements, alkaline water, blueberries and green tea instead of coffee.

The Wonder Woman Workout



If you check out Margot in her previous roles, you sure wouldn’t think that was a girl who loved to eat! Which actually came in handy when preparing for her role as hammer-wielding Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad.

EXERCISE: It’s a well-known fact that super heroes have to be strong – how else would they kill all the baddies? So Margot upped the ante on her regular gym sessions by focusing mainly on strength training to get in shape. So that means training with bodyweight (push-ups, pull-ups and crunches) as well as using free weights and weight machines. Barbells and dumbbells are classic strength training tools.

DIET: Well this one is refreshing. A positive side effect of gaining strength means getting to eat – a lot! She regularly confesses to eating fries and burgers, but will stick to carrot sticks when she needs to lose weight fast. Not something we’d recommend – everything in moderation!

The Wonder Woman Workout



She surprised us all with her awesome moves and quick reflexes as the Black Widow in The Avengers, but it did take some hard work on the part of the stunning actress. But we’re sure it was worth it – did you see her in that skin-tight lycra cat suit?

EXERCISE: Scarlett worked out with her PT Bobby Strom for the role, and the two embarked on an intensive six week training course. In her own words, ScarJo works out like a man, forgoing cardio for weights, squats, lunges, push ups and planks. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) was also important to help her master the moves by training with different weapons.

DIET: Unfortunately there’s no pizza here – Scarlett stuck to a strict diet of salad and chicken to stay as lean as possible during filming, with egg omelettes with oat meal and fresh berries for brekkie. Snacks included almonds and an apple – everything she ate was about the high nutritional value so the body had what it needed for repair.