Everyone in the UAE needs this wearable air-conditioner

Everyone in the UAE needs this wearable air-conditioner

29 Jul 2019

The future is here, my friends

All those times you whined about the heat, running from your building lobby to the nearest air conditioned zone, praying for a time you could walk in the heat…and not feel hot. Well THAT time is actually, finally here.

Sony's crowd-funding platform, First Flight, is launching a wearable air-conditioner that simply slips in the pocket of a special t-shirt! Named the Reon Pocket, this device sits on the base of your neck and uses the Peltier effect (where heat is either generated or removed when you pass an electric current across a junction) so this will either lower your temp to 23*F or raise it to 14*F. Quite technical, we know, but pretty darn cool.

You could be wearing anything and would have this cool toy backing you up, literally.

For now, you’ll have to control the device through the mobile app, but Sony is working on an automatic mode made possible in a future update. The company is expecting a 24 hour battery life out of a single charge. Sony’s really got us on our knees for this launch.

The Reon Pocket will be available for a pretty decent $117 (Dhs430) and will be in stores mid-2020. Get through this summer y’all, the next one’s going to be pretty chill (pun intended, ha).