The Wanted

The Wanted's Reality TV Confession

12 Sep 2013

The Wanted boys dish on how their reality show The Wanted Life has changed them!

The Wanted became "closer" after filming their reality show. The Walks Like Rihanna boy band bared all for the cameras earlier this year on The Wanted Life, which followed their exploits living together in Los Angeles while recording their new album, and although the group - Max George, Siva Kaneswaran, Jay McGuiness, Tom Parker and Nathan Sykes - often found themselves arguing, the experience ultimately bonded them.

Siva, 24, said: "We all became closer from it and you know, why not? We got asked to be on a TV show, we did it, and it was a good experience. There were some stressful moments in the house, as you've seen now on TV, but overall I think we learnt a lot from it."

Meanwhile, the band insist they are over their public feud with fellow heartthrobs One Direction, after exchanging swipes - including Zayn Malik calling Max offensive names - on Twitter last year.

Max said: "We've sort of said it's something and nothing. I think some of them are fine now, there's maybe one that isn't, but what can you do? It's no skin off our nose. We've got better things to be worrying about than arguing with them."