The UAE's hot weather is KILLING dogs!

Here's what you need to know to protect your K9 friends
ByAndre NevelingMonday , 24 August 2015
The UAE's hot weather is KILLING dogs!
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The summer weather has been tough on dogs in the UAE

The late summer heat in the UAE has caused an increase in dog fatalities, according to The National.

Dr Sara Elliott from the British Veterinary Hospital in Dubai told the newspaper that her practice has had in increase in emergency admissions and fatalities during 2015’s summer. “We have had four dogs die this year on the way into our practice and successfully revived 10 more from heat-related issues since it started getting really hot,” she said. “Who knows how many poor animals are perishing out there through negligence and ignorance. The difficulty in the UAE is we probably see more heatstroke in the beginning and the end of the summer because people become complacent,” she said.

So what are you supposed to do in a case of an emergency? According to Sara, the best thing is to place cooling packs on the dog’s groin and armpit areas, and to put them in front of an air-conditioner. And if you’re taking them to the vet, be sure to keep them cool during the transport process.

Sara also claims that this summer has been her worst in over 20 years working in the region. “We had three pugs arrive too late to be saved,” she said. “They had been using a concrete patio outside thanks to a specially designed dog flap on the door. The flap jammed when they were outside and they were all suffering from unrecoverable states of heatstroke within 20 minutes.”

Luckily it’s not long to go before temperatures drop again. Until then, keep your beloved dogs cool and calm. 

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