The UAE was the hottest place in the WORLD yesterday!

More scorching temperatures expected for the rest of the week
ByTom HedleyWednesday , 03 June 2015
The UAE was the hottest place in the WORLD yesterday!
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It doesn't get hotter than the UAE!

Temperatures reached a sweltering 50.5 degrees Celsius in parts of the UAE yesterday, the hottest daytime temperature recorded globally for 2 June 2015.

Hit worst was Sweihan, near al Ain, which topped 50.5 degrees Celsius at noon. Temperatures had already reached a scorching 50 degrees Celsius shortly after 11am, according to the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology.Residents in the area had found it increasingly difficult to get to and from work leaving the streets practically deserted, The National reported.

Elsewhere in the UAE, the temperature in Abu Dhabi was clocked at 49.1 degrees Celsius. A warning was issued to drivers in the area after blowing dust lowered visibility in the arera. Dubai’s Burj Khalifa weather station recorded a temperature of 43.6 degree Celsius and Umm Azimul was listed at 48.9 degrees Celsius as the heat wave raged on.

The NCMS is forecasting for sweltering weather conditions for the rest of the week in the UAE with temperatures ranging between 45 degrees Celsius and 49 degrees Celsius.

Stay out of the sun and stay hydrated, everyone!

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