55 UAE brands sign up to pledge not to use plastic straws

55 UAE brands sign up to pledge not to use plastic straws

24 Nov 2019

Sustainability Gurus behind Ecopack.me and Krush Brands, led a bold move with leading industry leaders along with Hollywood actor and UN Goodwill Ambassador for Environment, Adrian Grenier, to open up the discussion on living sustainably in the UAE.

The impetus for the round table talk was Grenier's "Stop Sucking" campaign which has seen 55 UAE brands sign up to pledge not to use straws modelled on his Lonely Whale Foundation initiative.

The round table brought up several points highlighting that a change is required and we do not need to be daunted by this but embrace it and work together at all levels of industry.

The star of hit TV show, Entourage, described how the ocean is being ignored, while also stressing the importance of using his status and social media influence to educate, motivate and empower his fans to #StopSucking. He elaborated on the huge success of the 'Stop Sucking’ campaign and stated, “Now I have an even bigger Entourage to make real change."

55 UAE brands sign up to pledge not to use plastic straws

Great things can happen when like-minded, progressive, visionary and influential people assemble around the right ideas. Environmental stewardship and its practical application is everyones responsibility and privilege, a message that was shared in spades by the many senior government and industry stakeholders.

"We are eternally grateful to Adrian Grenier for lending KRUSH Brands the courage and inspiration to start our environmental journey to ban straw use in our operations in 2017, We are equally grateful to Ecopack.me for choosing us as partners in championing sustainable alternatives to single use plastics in our packaging," said Ian Ohan - Founder and CEO of Krush Brands. "As the only 100% plastic-free sustainable packaging company in the region, our goal is to drive the movement and assist other industry peers to adopt sustainable practices and closed loop solutions.

In a statement, Ecopack.me cofounders Ash Parmar and Fayaz Punjani said they were sincerely humbled by Ian at Krush Brands who has not only trusted them to help him achieve this goal, but but encourages them to strive to do better not becauase they have to, but because they should and can.