How To Video Call From The UAE For Free

It won't last forever though...
ByPallavi Melwani Monday , 24 September 2018
How To Video Call From The UAE For Free
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HiU Messenger is a new app available to Etisalat users, and for two weeks, users can try the app for free.

According to the Etisalat Website, HiU Messenger is a 'simple and reliable video calling app' that works on PCs, electronic tablets and smartphones.

The users can make voice or video calls to anyone in the world. There is also an instant messages feature.

The users have to subscribe to the Mobile Internet Calling Plan to get two weeks of the service for free. Once activated, the two-week free period starts immediately and the users won't be charged until this ends.

Etisalat said that users can opt-out at any time, without any charges during the free period.

This isn’t the first video calling app on the Etisalat platform, existing ones include BOTIM and C'Me.

There are three plans are available: Dhs50 for Internet calling plan for mobile postpaid, Dhs50 for Internet calling plan for mobile prepaid and Dhs100 for Internet calling plan for elife.

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