The UAE’s Serious About Steak

12 Jul 2013

Jumeirah Restaurant’s Week survey reveals our favourite meals

The UAE is a nation of meat-lovers if a recent survey, conducted as part of Jumeirah Restaurant Week, is anything to go by. Some 10 per cent of diners ranked a good ol’ steak as their number one meal, followed by grilled lobster (5 per cent) and sushi (4 per cent). The dish was a favourite across the board (almost two thirds of respondents were women) with diners grabbing their steak-knives for a meat-feast once a month. When it comes to cuisine, Italy shone through with 16 per cent of respondents calling it their cuisine of choice. This was followed by seafood (14 per cent) and steakhouse and Thai coming in together at 11 per cent. It was also interesting to note that 39 per cent of UAE residents dine out two to three times a week.