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The Secrets to a Superstar Body

10 Jan 2017

Just how do the likes of Lady Gaga and Beyonce stay in shape? Ahlan! investigates

Ever wondered how Gigi Hadid hones those super-tight curves, or how Lady Gaga keeps in shape for her numerous world tours? While lucky genes play a part, a buff physique can be achieved by anyone willing to put in the work. And it doesn’t mean having to spend hours pounding the treadmill either. Here’s the low-down on how Hollywood’s hottest bodies get in shape, and stay that way. 



She’s the queen of the booty and has one of the most envied bodies in Hollywood. And while she works out with a PT on a daily basis – she loves boxing, sprints and swinging weighted ropes to help build up her endurance – it’s not all as gruelling as it sounds. If you want to embrace your inner queen and get those hips moving, the one thing you’ll need is a hula-hoop. Yep, you read that right – hula-hooping is really heating up Hollywood right now, and all our favourite A-listers, including Beyoncé and Liv Tyler, are currently reliving their childhoods in the name of fitness.

A complete core workout, hooping regularly can help reduce your waistline and strengthen your stomach muscles, while blasting fat at the same time. Not only that, Bey swears by this addition to her workout to help tone her entire body. It also improves spine strength and flexibility, as the movements require a significant range of motion. You can do it at home, or classes in Dubai are organised by Flow Ground (Dhs110 per class, flowground.com) – a one-hour session can burn up to 600 calories. Enjoy, ladies!



The Secrets to a Superstar Body

Her astonishing voice, outrageous looks and acting skills (did you see American Horror Story?) are always well documented, but we think Gaga’s body should rack up more headlines! She credits a lot of her shape to SoulCycle – a take on a traditional spinning class that also counts Katie Holmes and Lea Michele among its fanbase. The high-intensity class, which is held in a candlelit room and is accompanied by an energising soundtrack, provides all the cardio you need, burning 500 to 700 calories in 45 minutes.

Gaga is such a devotee of the invigorating routines that she even took two SoulCycle bikes on tour with her – and we can see why. Think of it as a cardio party on a bike, the classes incorporate choreography into the routine, too, so it feels like dancing as opposed to working out. You’ll get similar results at FlyWheel (Dhs120 per class, dubai.flywheelsports.com) and Motion (Dhs120 per class or Dhs500 for five classes, motion-cycling.ae). Prepare to sweat.



The Secrets to a Superstar Body

Ah, to have the body of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, hey? While the stunning supermodel has admitted she sticks to a brutal diet regime to keep her weight in check, there’s also one workout she swears by. Remember Natalie Portman’s amazing physical transformation for Black Swan? Yep, it’s all down to ballet and barre-based workouts.         Everyone from Rosie to Taylor Swift has been spotted hanging out at LA fitness hotspot Ballet Beautiful, touting the workout’s ability to sculpt long and lean physiques. An exercise that focuses on the legs, glutes, core and arms, it speeds up your metabolism, too, so you’ll burn more calories, and lose weight at the same time. Rosie’s sessions incorporate Pilates and PT, and luckily there’s a whole host of ballet-inspired classes and workshops popping up all over the city right now. For beginners and experts alike, we recommend Define Body at Define Dubai (Dhs110 per class, dubai.definebody.com), if you really want to let your inner ballerina show. It’s tough, but worth it as you’re sure to see results.



The Secrets to a Superstar Body

Gigi Hadid is one of the most eye-catching models in the world – not only did she bag one of the hottest singles on the market (Zayn Malik, obvs), but she seduces every one of us whenever she hits the catwalk. And to keep herself in shape, the self-confessed burger-addict is drawn to the ring at Gotham Gym in New York City for her favourite fat-blasting workout, boxing. Between left jabs, right crosses and a mean uppercut, Gigi also incorporates aerobics, strength-training and skipping into her regime. It’s similar to Eva Mendes’ workout of choice, Aerobox, which is dubbed “the most savage and serene fitness experience on the planet”, forcing every muscle in your body to battle against gravity. Not only that, boxing works to enhance endurance, speed, stamina, power, co-ordination and strength, all at the same time. If you need some hard evidence, just check out those abs.

Unfortunately Aerobox hasn’t made its way here just yet, but why not give Round 10 Boxing Club a call? They can tailor classes to your specific needs and get your heart racing (Dhs60 per class, round10boxing.com)