The Royals sent croissants wrapped in PINK to camped out fans!

Could this mean that Kate and Wills are having a girl?
ByAndre NevelingWednesday , 29 April 2015
The Royals sent croissants wrapped in PINK to camped out fans!
Kate and Wills love their fans

Members of Prince William's royal household have delivered breakfast to fans camped outside the London hospital where Kate Middleton is due to give birth. How sweet?

The Duchess is expected to welcome the couple's second child any day now, and a large number of royal watchers have gathered outside St Mary's Hospital in Paddington so they can be among the first to see the new prince or princess. Many fans have been camped outside the medical centre for a week, and they were given an extra special surprise on Tuesday when Kensington Palace's household staff arrived to hand out pastries and coffee to all those waiting outside.

Kathy Martin tells the London Evening Standard: "Two men arrived with a box of these wonderful pastries and said they were from the palace as a gift from the Duke and Duchess to say thank you for our support. It was really special - and we noticed straight away that they were wrapped in pink ribbons. We think it's a sign they are having a girl."

A spokesperson for the royals has confirmed the Duke and Duchess sent the breakfast as a thank you gift to fans. Send some over to Ahlan! Towers next time too, please! 

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