Qatar Airways Offices Are Shutting Down in the Middle East

Qatar Airways Offices Are Shutting Down in the Middle East

08 Jun 2017

Qatar's aviation industry is taking a MAJOR hit

Now that the UAE, along with a number of other countries, has cut off all diplomatic ties with Qatar, flying will never be the same.

The UAE governemnt has ordered that all Qatar Airways offices in the country be shut down, effective immediately. Saudi Arabia has followed suit, and has gone so far as to close off its airspace to Qatar Airways. The airline's planes can no longer land at any of the country's airports. While the UAE has not yet issued this warning, Qatar Airways is still avoiding the country's airspace.

Not only that, Qatari nationals are no longer allowed to even transit through the UAE, they will have to find alternative routes to complete their journeys. Etihad Airways and Emirates Airlines have both stopped all operations to Qatar until further notice.

The funny thing is, websites like Skyscanner are still selling UAE-Qatar flights, which are clearly not valid given the current circumstances. It seems like it will take a few days for external websites to comply with these new flight regulations.

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