The Puma Suede Sneakers are Back!

The Puma Suede Sneakers are Back!

10 Jul 2016

Celebrities pay tribute to the iconic shoe in a series of snaps…

The Puma Suede has become a benchmark for footwear design since its debut in 1968, and you can still feel the Sixties’ vibes today as the iconic sportswear brand is paying homage to its most popular trainers, the Suede Classic, with a brand new photoshoot.

From famous athletic greats to the eighties dawn of hip-hop beats, the Suedes took over New York City blocks – they were on everyone’s feet, and you can still get your hands on them today. It’s actually the Suede’s timeless look and easy silhouette that makes us love these trainers – you can wear them with a cosy sweat chinos and a pair of pin-rolled jeans and you’re good to go!

To celebrate the shoe, the stylish brand chose a number of young tastemakers including style icon and social phenomenon Kylie Jenner, hip hop’s famous duo Rae Sremmurd and rap artist Young Thug in order to keep the Suedes' culture alive and being on trend.

Now it’s time for you to embrace the street culture style and be the most stylish girl in the city!