Dubai Police have warned of fake police officers scamming people

You CAN ask them for ID
ByShehla MominSunday , 04 August 2019
Dubai Police have warned of fake police officers scamming people

Scammers will go to any lengths to lure innocent victims into their traps. The police recently warned residents of men posing as police officers to rob, rape and scam people in Sharjah.

The scam has been happening in Sharjah, where they target labourers in industrial areas and threaten to deport them if they don’t abide by their demands.

Along with that they have also lured illegal immigrants into cashing out money with false claims of giving them legal residency. Domestic household workers were also targeted and were subjected to rape or being forced into prostitution.

Since January of this year to June, the police revealed at least 20 such cases have been reported, 80 percent of which occurred late at night in Sharjah’s industrial areas targeting lone people wandering by themselves.

The police said the fake officers are believable with them carrying forged ID cards. The police urged residents to always ask police for identification when approached. 

At an awareness campaign earlier this year, a spokesperson said “They (the fake officers) take advantage of these people’s lack of the Arabic language and make them believe they were real officers … Real police officers would only, as per the law, ask for an identification card, a driver’s license and a vehicle registration card – and would not in any circumstance ask a person for his belongings.”

The penalty for posing as a uniformed public official can lead up to five years imprisonment. 

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