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The New First Family

22 Nov 2016

As Donald Trump is set to become the next President of the United States, we profile the women who'll be heading into the White House with him

Meet Melania 

During Barack Obama’s seven-year reign in the White House, his wife Michelle equalled him in popularity, so much so, that voters are calling for her to run for President in 2020. Will Melania, a model from Slovenia, win affection like her predecessor? 

Before she became better known as Trump’s other half, Melania was a successful model. Discovered at the age of 16, she left Slovakia to work in Milan and Paris, going on to appear naked on the front of British GQ, in a shoot on her then boyfriend Trump's customised plane. She also appeared in the 2000 swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated.

At 46, there’s a 24-year age gap between her and her husband, who she met at a party in 1998 when she was 28. A $2 million engagement ring later, she became Donald’s third wife when the pair married in Florida in 2005. The ceremony was attended by political rival Hillary Clinton and husband Bill, as well as other A-list guests, Heidi Klum, P Diddy and Simon Cowell. 

The couple's son, Barron, was born in 2006 and the now 10-year-old attracted headlines last week by appearing to be on the verge of falling asleep during his father’s victory speech. Fond of wearing a suit and tie like his business mogul dad, Barron has been nicknamed "mini-Donald" by Melania.  

Copy Cat?

Before officially becoming the next First Lady, she suffered her first major faux pas. Speaking at the Republican National Convention in July, her speech drew pointed comparisons to one made by Michelle Obama in 2008. She later defended herself, saying that she wrote it herself with "as little help as possible", while a staff writer from the Trump campaign also took the blame for the striking similarities.  

In Melania's other big speech on the campaign trail, she called for an end to cyber bullying. This was viewed as ironic given her husband’s outspoken presence on Twitter. Lady Gaga was just one of many who called her out, tweeting: “@MelaniaTrump to say you will stand for ‘anti-bullying’ is hypocrisy. Your husband is one of the most notorious bullies we have ever witnessed.” 

First Lady 

As FLOTUS Melania is already set to break convention, as the first third wife to occupy the White House, the first non-native English speaker, and the first fluent in five languages – Slovenian, German, French, Serbian and English. However she won't be the first foreign-born, as is widely thought. She follows after Louisa Adams, the England-born wife of John Quincy Adams, who served as US president from 1825-1829.

The jewellery line owner seems to be no wallflower though, previously saying: "To marry a man like Donald, you need to know who you are. You need to be very strong and smart.” Perhaps she too appreciates Donald's controversial side, having previously said that after looking after her son and running her business, her husband is her third job. One thing is for sure, it seems she’s ready for her new position, having already changed her Instagram handle to: @FirstLadyMelaniaTrump. 

Ivanka for Office?

Of all of Trump’s five children, it’s Ivanka who seems to be the shining star and was an integral part of his election campaign, giving speeches and hosting rallies. Taking after her father, she is a business mogul in her own right, with a $150 million fortune. As well as being Vice President of the Trump family empire, she has jewellery and fashion lines, and is as an author and a TV personality. 

The 35-year-old has also dabbled in modelling, gracing both catwalks and magazine covers. She infamously took part in a photoshoot with controversial snapper Terry Richardson, where she, along with other big-name models, was pictured donating blood. She's now mother to three children: Arabella, five, Joseph, three, and Theodore, who was born in March this year. Her husband is Jared Kushner, the owner of the New York Observer

Like Father, Like Daughter?

Not unlike her stepmother, Ivanka has had a few public slip-ups. In September she suffered embarrassment when she credited Harry Potter actress Emma Watson with a quote she made in a United Nations speech, unaware that Emma had actually borrowed the words from an important religious figure. Ivanka was subsequently ridiculed online for not knowing where the famous words had come from. 

She hit the headlines again after cutting short an interview with Cosmopolitan, after being quizzed on remarks her father made regarding pregnancy in the workplace. The blonde is also rumoured to have gone under the knife for both a nose job and breast augmentation. 

White House Bound? 

While Donald has suggested that he would happily include Ivanka in his government, she has said she has no political ambitions. That may soon change as she, along with her husband and two brothers, have been named as part of the president-elect’s transition team into government. It's widely known that Donald has great respect for his eldest daughter and values her advice, so will she be the real female influence in the White House?