The New Dubai Diet Delivery Service

The New Dubai Diet Delivery Service

02 Mar 2015

Nutrition by Fitness First has your meal times sorted

We all know the rules – exercise alone won’t drop pounds, we need to be careful what we put in our bodies, too. So with this in mind I signed up to the new meal delivery service, Nutrition by Fitness First. I’ve always been a bit obsessed with my weight but as a majorly fussy eater, the thought of having someone dictate my meals sends me into a cold sweat faster than the words “Harry Styles’ New Girlfriend.” Bikini bodies must, though, so off I went for a consultation with nutritional adviser Katharina Elbracht. A full body analysis revealed that while by weight was normal, I seriously needed to work to increase muscle mass and drop body some fat in the process. Basically hello gym and bye-bye NKD.  We then discussed my food phobias – most seafood, cauliflower, baked beans and boiled egg – before making a meal plan for the next four weeks comprising three meals a day with two snacks thrown in as well as three protein shakes to be used after workout.

The results: A hectic work and social life means little time to cook so having my meals delivered every day was literally a life saver! We’re talking no shopping, no temptation, no cooking and best of all, no muffin top! I opted out of weekends which meant I could have the occasional treat and not feel deprived. I indulged in regular exercise too and one month later the results were in – while my weight might not have plummeted dramatically, I lost around 2kgs of fat and put on 1kg of muscle which we all knows weights more – hurrah! A clinical dietician to recommend a tailor-made plan, a nutritionist to forecast your needs, a chef to prepare your healthy meals and a team to arrange delivery. What more could you want?

Typical Meal Plan
Week 1

Breakfast: Mixed berry breakfast granola
Snack: Watermelon wedge
Lunch: Chilli beef burrito with green salad
Snack: Apple
Dinner: Soy and garlic beef tenderloin, steamed greens and rice noodles

Week 2
Breakfast: Pumpkin and halloumi frittata
Snack: Strawberries
Lunch: Sweet chilli salmon and rice noodle salad
Snack: Chocolate quinoa cupcakes
Dinner: Pan seared fillet of beef medallions, tomato sauce and Mediterranean quinoa salad

Week 3
Breakfast: Spanish tortilla
Snack: Crudites and taztziki
Lunch: Chicken tabbouleh wrap and chipotle aioli
Snack: Kiwi
Dinner: Roasted cod fillet with herb crust and autumn pumpkin salad

Week 4
Breakfast: Blueberry & Apple Quinoa Cake
Snack: Almonds
Lunch: Rocket, tomato and parmesan salad with sliced pesto chicken
Snack: Popcorn
Dinner: Roast lamb with pan gravy, roasted carrots and turnips

Kickstart with a Juice Detox

Nothing says kick-start bikini body like a gruelling day of juicing and the newly opened Powwer Lounge has just what you need to boost your body into action. Located on Beach Road, the wellness and holistic centre is the brainchild of acclaimed weight-loss consultant Ahlaam Ali – who is also author of the Hottie’s Handbook – Lose 10kg in 10 Weeks. We road-tested her 3 Day Juice Detox which looked a little something like this….we definitely recommend!

1 big mug of hot water with lemon, 1 big glass of green juice and 1 big mug of Powwer Detox tea
Handful of unsalted and unroasted nuts

Mid morning snack
1 big glass of red juice, 1 big mug of Powwer Detox tea

1 big glass of green juice, lunch provided (what is it?), 1 big mug of Powwer Detox tea

Mid afternoon snack
1 big glass of red juice, 1 big mug of Powwer Detox tea

1 big glass of green juice, unlimited vegetable soup with veggies of your choice, garlic, lime, dried basil and lemon OR 1 palm size piece of pan fried fish with vegetables, lime, garlic, giner and chillies plus 1 big mug of Powwer Detox tea

Post dinner or when hungry
1 big glass of red juice




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