The New Audi A7 is Here!

Check it out at the Audi showroom on Salwa Road
ByFrancesca MoserMonday , 12 January 2015
The New Audi A7 is Here!
Audi A7

Car lovers and motors-aficionados will be excited to hear that the new Audi A7 is now available in Qatar! The spacious five-door coupe is more powerful and attractive than ever: a new engine configuration, new transmissions, new headlights and a new infotainment system are only few of the new characteristics of the new model. The sleek appeal and sportiness of a coupe car, combined with comforts of a sedan and functional benefits of an Avant, crown the new Audi A7 as one of the top cars on offer in 2015.

“We are excited to be bringing the new Audi A7 to Qatar,” said Ala Makey, Audi’s Sales Manager. “This model offers customers elegance and convenience through exclusive Audi features. Its innovative design integrates the classic proportions of a large, sporty sedan with modern luxury and pioneering technology. The model is one of the most eagerly anticipated models of 2015 in the Audi range, and we’re certain that its indistinguishable features will stand out in the local market”.

Visit the Audi showroom on Salwa Road to experience and see from close this exceptional new car and why not, discuss the possible options to purchase the gorgeous Audi A7. In-house financing, vehicle leasing and guaranteed buyback options are on offer. You could be the proud owner of a shining new Audi A7 this year…go on treat yourself!

INFO:  Audi Showroom, Salwa Road, 4445 2385,