The Most Luxurious Hotel Now Serves The Most Luxurious Coffee

The Most Luxurious Hotel Now Serves The Most Luxurious Coffee

12 Sep 2018

The Burj Al Arab has created The Ultimate Gold Cappuccino

Internationally renowned as the world’s most luxurious hotel, Burj Al Arab has its unique way of reinventing the ordinary to create something extraordinary.

Now, its latest iconic experience is the creation of The Ultimate Gold Cappuccino, served at Sahn Eddar lounge located within the hotel’s breath-taking atrium (also known to be the highest in the world).

A luscious coffee topped with 24-carat gold for a truly indulgent treat, Burj Al Arab’s own baristas have created the perfect mid-morning or afternoon drink. It is made using 100% Arabica beans, it is poured into perfectly foamed milk and is then delicately blended with a generous quantity of luxurious 24-carat gold.

The cappuccino is then sprinkled with more gold flakes and embellished with the infamous Burj Al Arab design, resulting in a truly delicious masterpiece.

Not only a glittering sight to see, the cappuccino is made up of the freshest local organic milk, imbued with gold sprinkles and completed with Italian gold flakes.

burj al arab

For the perfect accompaniment, it is served with a Grand Cru Guanaja: a perfectly formed chocolate marshmallow that is sprinkled with a finishing touch of mill-grinded gold for the last indulgence.

It is all then served on a customised set of fine-bone china, finished with gold and inspired by the impressive hotel lobby in the final culmination of grandeur.

INFO: The Ultimate Gold Cappuccino at Sahn Eddar lounge (Burj Al Arab), priced at Dhs85. For more information, visit