The Media One Team

Mark Lee, Caroline Rowe, Damir Boshnjak and Nick Comaty make up one of the hardest working hotel teams in the bizz
Thursday , 29 March 2018
The Media One Team
The Media One Team- Mark Lee, Caroline Rowe, Damir Boshnjak and Nick Comaty
  • Media One is an independent destination in Media City. We have 264 hotel rooms, offices, a total of nine restaurants and bars, and a whole lot of quirky, eye-catching personality. We try to be something very different from the cookiecutters out there and we want to have serious fun while doing so.
  • The last two years really have been ones of change for Media One. We went through a redesign on the ground floor, Qwerty was opened around a year ago, we launched a new website, we welcomed a number of new team members – including Nick and Caroline, we went through a hotel-wide rebranding project and launched Coco, our Miami-inspired poolside lounge. Basically, we’ve been pretty busy.
  • We definitely had an amazing time together as a team handling the bars for Take That and then again for RedFest. It’s a huge amount of work but a massive buzz. There aren’t many other teams where the Marketing Director will be [serving drinks] an d the HR Director is in charge of the VIP lounge. We do love the recognition and awards we get as a team, too – like being part of Ahlan!’s Hot 100!