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Kardashians Sued for more than Dhs660 million!

23 Mar 2016

The reality TV stars are in hot water

The Kardashians are used to controversy, after all their entire lives are on TV! The latest development in their oh-so-dramatic lives is a lawsuit coming in at a whopping $180million (Dhs661 million)!

Kim, Kourtney and Khloe are being sued by an investment company over their failed make-up line Kardashian Beauty. The breach of contract dispute centres on the sister's deal with Boldface Group Inc, the make-up company that joint owns Kardashian Beauty, reports TMZ

In 2014 Boldface was bought by Hillair Capital Management who allegedly invested $10million (Dhs36.7 million) into the venture, after a costly trademark dispute that saw the sister's debut range rebranded from Khroma Beauty to Kardashian Beauty. Now, the investment company claims the TV stars have not adequately promoted the business, causing it to fail, and are seeking to recoup its costs, initial investment and $180million (Dhs661 million) worth of lost profits.

Hillair also alleges the Kardashian sisters deliberately sabotaged the deal in order to open the door to a "better, more lucrative deal." After failing to secure new investors the sisters are then alleged to have tried to pull the Kardashian name from the products.

Filing its claims in Los Angeles on Monday, the company's court papers state it "agreed to put up million of dollars to help the Kardashians salvage their struggling" line. Yet the sisters failed in their duties as "the faces of the line" to "actively promote, market and support the line."

The brand's website states the sisters are "the creators, ambassadors and faces of this new make-up line, the Kardashian sisters embody beauty, style and fashion in a manner that is desirable." The mid-price make-up range includes lip, eye, face and nail ranges.

However, in 2013 the sisters filed a suit claiming they were "not involved in running Boldface - they are not part of its management, nor are they agents, employees, officers or directors of Boldface," after they objected to the re-brand of their range from Khroma to Kardashian Beauty.

The reality stars have been accused of breach of contract, fraud and deceit as well as negligent misrepresentation.