The Kardashian Curse

Find out which men's lives have been ruined thanks to the famous sisters
Monday , 02 November 2015
The Kardashian Curse
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It’s hard to deny that there’s something not quite right about the way the Kardashian women chew up and spit out their men. On more than one occasion a good man has dated one of the clan and somehow ended up the worse off for it.

Who: Kris Humphries
Who did he date? Kim
What happened?
Kris was an established basketball star at the time of his marriage to Kim, but the 72 day union all but ruined his reputation and career. Video footage of him in the reality show was less than flattering and he was accused of marrying Kim just for the lucrative endorsements and TV deal. After the marriage very publicly ended Kris’ career went into freefall and he’s now playing for his seventh NBA team.


Who: Rob Kardashian
Who did he date? None of them
What happened?
Sadly, the only Kardashian man has fallen pretty hard thanks to his sisters’ constant need for publicity. Rob’s said previously that his siblings have acted selfishly in the past and never truly helped him get his career off the ground. As a result he gained lots of weight, became a recluse, suffered depression and blasted Kim on social media after storming out of her wedding to Kanye. Apparently he’s on the mend, but we’ve not seen him for over a year.


Who: Ray J
Who did he date? Kim
What happened?
After that infamous tape featuring Ray J and Kim was leaked his career and good name have gone down the drain. While Kim’s popularity soared and eventually led to her becoming perhaps the most famous woman on the planet, Ray J’s music singles bombed and he’s a string of run-ins with the law.


Who: Scott Disick
Who did he date? Kourtney
What happened?
Scott’s constant battle to stay sober has long been an issue, but those close to him have suggested that Kourtney forcing him to have kids made things all the more worse. Scott’s been pretty vocal about not being ready to have a second and then third child and blamed Kourt for that. Now for the umpteenth time he’s in rehab after being dumped by the eldest Kardashian.



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