The Jonas Brothers took on a hot sauce challenge and struggled

02 Jun 2019

Jo Bro's are burnin' up

Nick Jonas made his wife Priyanka Chopra proud after holding his own while answering questions as he sampled some of the world's spiciest sauces on YouTube series Hot Ones.

Nick and his brothers Joe and Kevin took the challenge on the show, which dropped online on May 30, and spent over 25 minutes chatting to host Sean Evans while chomping on chicken wings doused in eight different hot sauces.

Nick confessed his wife, former Bollywood star Chopra, told her man not to let her down before the show, telling Evans, "I had a pep talk before this with my wife. She said, 'Don't let me down'. She loves spicy food."

The youngest Jonas Brothers star struggled at first and just three sauces in he asked, "Why did we agree to do this? This is a terrible idea." But he persevered as Kevin started flagging, while the siblings went through sauces with names like Da Bomb, Hell Fire, Trinidad Scorpion and Hot Ones, which really tested their tastebuds at the end of the interview.

Shugging milk and water and spitting much of what they ate into a bucket, the trio tried every sauce.

Kevin was the brother who struggled the most and almost quit after taking a bite of the hot sauce, Chocolate Plague. Looking at his brother start to tear up, Nick joked, "You're going to be a meme!"