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The Jonas Brothers Did What?!

29 Aug 2016

Nick and Joe Jonas did something crazy before the VMA's

Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas celebrated the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards by getting matching arrow tattoos.

The siblings were both involved in the event, with Nick belting out his new single, Bacon, and Joe and his band DNCE accepting the award for ‘Best New Artist’.

To mark the special occasion, the two brothers paid a trip to a tattoo studio where they opted for simplistic thin arrows on the back of their biceps, pointing towards each other. Joe teased the fans on Instagram by posting a mysterious picture with the caption, “Pre VMA tats.”

Nick then took to Snapchat once the tattoos were inked, featuring them both standing side by side, the new tattoos clearly visible, with the simple caption, “Boom”.

The Jonas Brothers Did What?!

Despite getting a pre-VMA tat, Nick wasn’t happy with the VMA nominations in the beginning when Close got no nominations, tweeting: “Disappointed with the fact ‘Close’ got no love for the #VMAs2016”

Jonas’s single wasn’t the only thing that got snubbed; how come Kevin wasn’t part of the tattoo squad? Although we have to admit, he’s been off the grid for so long, we had to Google his name…