The ignorant Dubai article that's got the world talking

A war of words has erupted online following a British journalist's attack on Dubai
ByAndre NevelingWednesday , 21 October 2015
The ignorant Dubai article that's got the world talking
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Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but you should probably know what you’re talking about before you air yours. Especially when your opinion is being published. So it’s no surprise that British journalist Alex Proud from The Telegraph, who has never been to Dubai, has infuriated residents with his article “Who in their right mind would want to visit Dubai?”

In the article Alex blasts Dubai from every angle he can find. “It’s horrendously hot and humid for nine months of the year. It has close to zero real culture unless you count its unique take on Sharia Shopping ‘n’ Starbucks,” he writes. “It has some of the worst upscale architecture in the world. Bigger, better, higher, glitzier, nastier: it’s like an entire city designed by Donald Trump,” he continues.

As for the residents of Dubai, he writes: “You know exactly who Dubai man and woman are. They’re a certain brassy subset of the middle-classes. The kind of people who love expensive mock-Georgian new-builds. The kind of people who drive SUVs with personalised plates. They have good jobs and they’re successful, but they probably don’t have many books on their shelves.” Ouch!

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Another British journalist, Richard Malpass, was shocked by the article, and wrote a scathing comeback in which he defends Dubai. While Alex’s article claims Dubai’s weather is unbearably hot for nine months of the year, Richard set the record straight. “Is the weather terrible in the summer? Yes. Is it any worse than getting up for work in the pitch dark with pissing rain hammering against your window from sleet grey skies, only to return from work in the dark, before rinsing and repeating from Mid-November to the end of February? No,” he wrote. “If anyone wants to check the dictionary definition of irony, you may find an updated entry that simply displays Alex Proud’s face with the sentence ‘A Briton who complains about weather being worse in countries other than Britain’ underneath it,” he hit back.

As for Alex’s claims that Dubai has no culture? Richard once again didn’t hold back.  “Dubai didn’t just suddenly exist overnight. History didn’t just spring forth like a 20th Century big bang as soon as the West started taking an interest in Dubai,” he wrote. “Yet, for [Alex] Proud, because he can’t see it, and seemingly didn’t have the intellectual fortitude to pick up a book or a photo album, coupled with the fact that he wouldn’t have visited Dubai Creek to see one of the world’s oldest operational docks because his bourgeois mate told him to stay in the airport, it doesn’t exist,” he said.

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Perhaps Alex Proud should visit Dubai first before writing such a nasty article on something he clearly knows nothing about...

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