A giant dinosaur skeleton is on sale at The Dubai Mall

A giant dinosaur skeleton is on sale at The Dubai Mall

18 Aug 2019

But it's erm, Dhs14 MILLION...

If you have a fondness of collecting old antique items or just wanted to have your very own dinosaur, continue reading. You can now buy the dinosaur skeleton in Dubai Mall! Well, only if you have a few million dirhams lying around. 

The Dubai Mall's very own massive 155-million year old dinosaur skeleton is set to be auctioned off online with the starting bid being a whopping Dhs14.6 million (yes, you read that right)

Named as the DubaiDino, the 24.4 metre-long and 7.6 metre high skeleton that weighted the equivalent of five hefty elephants in its prime 155 million years ago, is being put under the hammer hosted by Emirates Auction to find the Diplodocus longus a new home. 

The skeleton that dominates the Souq Dome at The Dubai Mall was set up back in 2014 and was originally found in Wyoming USA back in 2008 with about 90 per cent of the fossil's bones found intact. 

The structure is available at the Emirates Auction through the website or the app so start bidding!

If you prefer to feed your Jurassic ages loving soul and just ran a tad short on the cash, Dubai Garden Glow has its very own dinosaur park opening in October that you can visit for WAY cheaper.