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The Friends theme song will be played on the Dubai Fountains

15 Sep 2019

Could we BE any more excited?

Okay, we're so excited, we may vomit...

The infamous couch from the set of Friends, aka Central Perk, is coming to Dubai but there's MORE. 

It has just been confirmed that the Dubai Fountains will be playing a special show with the Friends theme song, 'I'll be there for you' this month. 

On Sunday, Sept 22, the fountains will be showing the tune along with the display, along with an LED show on the world's tallest tower, aka the Burj Khalifa at 8.30 & 9.30pm.

The Friends couch is on display tonight in The Dubai Mall's Waterfall Atrium, and will move out to the floating station at the Dubai Fountains next week. 

So whatever else you've got planned that day is a moo point - it's a cow's opinion... it doesn't matter.

Get down to Downtown, we'll see you there!