The Fridge Files

We take a peek inside the fridge of rapper Two Tone to see how healthy it is
ByJasmine BandaliMonday , 06 April 2015
The Fridge Files
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How much do you usually spend on your weekly shop?
Once a week I’ll do a big shop and spend about Dhs1500, but I always need a few extra fresh bits as well, which I’ll have delivered as and when needed. 

What is your typical daily diet?
When I am not on tour my diet is very healthy and varied.  I love proteins and I try to avoid a lot of carbs so it’s fish, chicken or beef with vegetables and a little rice. I also love a good salad with tuna or chicken. When on tour, travelling and working so many hours, it’s less easy!

What’s the strangest thing you eat? 
Probably six egg whites before I go to sleep so I wake up the next day with a great feeling in my muscles!

Which three foods couldn’t you live without? 
Chicken, rice and fish.

What’s your guilty food pleasure? 
On my cheat days I love a bag of chips, some fries and of course a nice dessert, ideally an ice cream or anything with chocolate.  

What’s your ultimate comfort food? 
I’d have to go with rice or pasta with chicken beef or fish.

What is your favourite takeaway order? 
Chinese!! I love Chinese food or good sushi.

German born practitioner Caroline Bienert, qualified nutritional therapist and detox expert says:

On first glimpse you may think that this is a healthy fridge given all the fresh fruit and veg, however the goodness that you are putting into your body is being completely overridden by the vast amount of sugar and artificial sweeteners that you’re consuming from fizzy drinks, fruit juices and low fat yoghurts. You should also be mindful when selecting coconut water and go for the young green variety, otherwise again you will be overdoing your sugar intake. The protein choice of salami is an absolute no-go as it is full of unhealthy fats with no benefit to your body and the smoked chicken also has a lot of added salt which should be avoided.  With a few tweaks you could really turn your diet around.
Health Rating 4/10

Inside Two Tone's Fridge
Coconut water
Fresh fruit
Diet coke
Fresh vegetables
Fat Free yoghurt
Orange juice
Cherry tomatoes
Red Bull light

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