The Fridge Files

We take a peek inside the fridge of TOWIE make-up artist, Hannah Lisa
ByJasmine BandaliTuesday , 03 March 2015
The Fridge Files
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How much do you usually spend on your weekly shop?

I try to keep it at around Dhs600 a week.

What is your typical daily diet?

I’ll usually have cereal for breakfast, or if I have a day off then I’ll make scrambled eggs. Lunch is usually on the go, so it’s typically a sandwich or something from a little café. I’m often quite good when it comes to dinner. I enjoy cooking and I like healthy, homemade food so I’ll have the typical meat or fish with vegetables and potatoes. 

What’s the strangest thing you eat?

Cornflakes, jam and custard mixed together. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! 

Which three foods couldn’t you live without?

Potatoes, steak and prawns.

What’s your guilty food pleasure?

Biscuits. They’re definitely my downfall. 

What’s your ultimate comfort food?

A nice roast dinner can coax me out of any bad mood I’m in! 

What is your favourite takeaway order?

In the UAE, it has to be a shawarma! Why don’t they have these in the UK?

Health expert Dima Al Sharif Says:

Most people opt for cereals in the morning, however they are not the healthiest option as most are loaded with sugar. Muesli is a better option most of the time; the nuts in muesli add to its nutrients and essential fatty acids and release energy slowly to keep you fuller for longer. Eggs are also a great choice because they lessen the craving for sugary foods and so on mid-morning. Your choice of meat and fish is great because oily fish such as salmon and tuna are packed with essential nutrients and fatty acids. Minimising red meat is always advisable however, and try and go organic with chicken to avoid consuming nasty antibiotics and hormones. In general solid cheeses are healthier than cream cheeses which are over processed, and keep cookies, custards and cornflakes to occasional indulgences. Try and substitute these with fruit which will do wonders for your skin and overall sugar cravings.                          

Inside Hannah’s Fridge






Fresh juices 

Salad dressings 

Beef steaks




Tuna steaks






Smoked salmon

Greek yoghurt 

Milk chocolate 


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