Fridge Feature - AHG, taken on the 10th of December at the ITP Studio, Media City, Dubai

The Fridge Files

10 Feb 2015

We take a peek in the fridge of celeb stylist, Kelly Lundberg

How much do you usually spend on your weekly shop?
You’d have to ask my husband, he does the weekly shop! 

What is your typical daily diet?
I am not the most adventurous when it comes to a varied diet.  I know what I like and don’t find it easy to explore new things. Most days start the same with a green juice, normally homemade! I tend to graze through the day on energy packed snacks such as naked bars, fresh raspberries, and hummus, rice cakes and indulge in a little cheese. Where possible, I will eat my main meal of the day around 430PM, which tends to be either chicken or fish.

What’s the strangest thing you eat?
A chocolate coated waffle cone, with birthday cake flavoured ice cream, cookie dough and m&m’s.  I know it sounds bizarre but it really does taste good.

Which three foods couldn’t you live without?
Cheese, red velvet cupcakes and my daily green juice.

What’s your guilty food pleasure?
Red velvet cupcakes – I have a really sweet tooth.

What’s your ultimate comfort food?
My husband’s Sunday roast. 

What is your favourite takeaway order?
Pizza. I just love it!

Health expert Dima Al Sharif Says:

Your fridge is packed with healthy food, which is good for you. Ginger is an amazing ingredient for your immunity, which is also an anti-inflammatory. I love that it is packed with veg, however, I would advise incorporating a bit more fruit into your diet, which have very necessary anti-oxidants and vitamins. Cheese and eggs are perfect in moderation, and try to opt for some oily fish every once in a while for the omegas, which are amazing for the heart and prevention of cancer cells. Sweet things are fine in moderation and overall you have struck a good balance.


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