The Fridge Files

We take a peek in the fridge of Channel 4 presenter Eve Jaso
ByJasmine BandaliTuesday , 13 January 2015
The Fridge Files
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How much do you usually spend on your weekly shop?
About Dhs300 to Dhs400 a week.

What is your typical daily diet?
I’m up at 4am and have Earl Grey tea and toast. After my show at about 10am I have a second breakfast, which is normally a fried egg on toast. By 1pm I have a protein shake or cheesy bread from our local bakery and an afternoon snack is usually creamy buffalo mozzarella and slices of fresh tomato before my afternoon nap. For dinner it’s a good home-cooked meal if I can be bothered, otherwise I get a takeaway. Sometimes, though, because I’m fast asleep I do sometimes skip it completely!

What’s the strangest thing you eat?
It’s not really strange, but I guess avocado juice with cream.

Which three foods couldn’t you live without?
Mozzarella, sushi and cheese bread (Oh, and an Arabic sweet called Kunafa!)

What’s your guilty food pleasure?
It has to be Patchi praline and nut chocolates. Mmm yum!

What’s your ultimate comfort food?
My mum’s Arabic style chicken and rice with ladies fingers is my absolute fave!

What is your favourite takeaway order?
Definitely a delicious chicken kebab.

Health expert Dima Al Sharif Says:
I have noticed you do not have any one proper meal, most are snacks, except for dinner which you also might skip altogether! You need to dedicate time for eating, because they are the few moments in which we are nurturing and caring for our bodies as well as indulging our senses. Your choices are not bad but there isn’t much variety and nothing kills the appetite faster than repetition.Avocados are super foods, so they are a great food choice. However, cooking cream should be minimised as it is heavy and high on fats. Instead of protein shakes, try eating raw nuts like almonds, walnuts and pistachios. Ricotta cheese, cottage cheese and white cheese (Halloumi, Jibneh Nabulsyeh or Jibneh Beida) are also great snack options, as they give you lasting energy.                           


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