The First Saudi Women Have Officially Received Their Driving Licenses

Change is officially being made in Saudi Arabia
ByFarah AndrewsWednesday , 06 June 2018
The First Saudi Women Have Officially Received Their Driving Licenses

Ten Saudi women made history this week, as they were issued with driving licences in Saudi Arabia - the last country in the world that women cannot legally drive in. 

The ban is set to be officially lifted in Saudi Arabia on Sunday, 24 June. 

"Driving, to me, represents having a choice"

While only 10 driving licences have been issued so far, it's expected that a further 2,000 women will be issued driving licences in the Kingdom in the coming weeks. 

“The first group of women today received their Saudi driving licenses. The General Department of Traffic started replacing international driving licenses, recognized in the Kingdom, with Saudi licenses,” the Saudi Press Agency reported.

Watch a video of the first Saudi women being issued with driving licences here:

"I have 12 years of driving experience in Lebanon, Switzerland, and the United States. It's a dream come true that I am about to drive in the Kingdom. The moment I got the news about driving was unbelievable for me," Saudi woman, Rema Jawdat, has said of the change in legislation. "Driving, to me, represents having a choice; the choice of independent movement, now we have that option and that's important."

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