The Fastest Facelift on Earth

When Angelina Jolie and Naomi Watts hit the red carpet they have one thing in common – beautiful skin. Here’s how they get it...
Thursday , 25 July 2013
Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie
15-Minute Facelift fan Michelle Williams
15-Minute Facelift fan Michelle Williams
Even young stars like Nicole Richie have tried the 15-Minute Facelift
Even young stars like Nicole Richie have tried the 15-Minute Facelift
Naomi Watts has tried the 15-Minute Facelift
Naomi Watts has tried the 15-Minute Facelift
Lebanese singer, Haifa Wehbe
Lebanese singer, Haifa Wehbe
Dr Colbert
Dr Colbert

These A-list stars share a special secret: both Ange and Naomi have been having secret meetings with New York’s hottest dermatologist Dr David Colbert, the man behind the popular 15-Minute Facelift.
Working non-stop and travelling the globe can take its toll on the skin, and as time goes by more and more stars are turning to cosmetic dermatology to help them wipe years off their look.
Ange, 38, and Naomi, 44, are big fans of the straight-talking doctor, who also treats Rachel Weisz and Michelle Williams. They’re part of a growing group of financially independent women who are unhappy with their image.

Upwardly Mobile
“The 15-Minute facelift is something that I developed for my celebrity clientele,” said Doctor Colbert from his Fifth Avenue practice.
“A lot of people who want to look better use it because they don’t want cutting and sewing of their skin. It’s a way to look like they’ve had a facelift in 15 minutes.
“Women lose volume in their bones between the ages of 20 to 50 and this non-invasive treatment lifts the face and brings back volume instead of pulling like the classic lift.”
“Your face begins to shrink when you lose fat. It simply doesn’t fit like it used to anymore, so the 15-Minute Facelift revolutionises the way face looks, and wipes 10 years off the patient.
“We use a combination of fillers and laser to reaffirm the jawline and the cheek bones to give a younger, fresher result."

Celeb Devotees
Dr Colbert says his unique treatment costs around Dhs18,000 per round and results lasts for up to a year.
He claims the surgery is so popular because it has no down time and allows celebrities to carry out their treatment away from the prying eyes of the media.
“Usually, people do it once or twice a year,” added Dr Colbert.
“The results are excellent and my clients, including Angelina Jolie, Naomi Watts and Michelle Williams, swear by them.“The finished result makes the skin look better on camera, and for those women that’s essential.”
Dr Colbert has even developed a line of home care products that his clients can use that have similar effects. The four-piece line – Intensify, Nutrify, Stimulate and Heal & Smooth – is designed to mirror the effects of lasers on the skin and offer a solution to those on a more modest budget.
 “With the right products, the skin’s ability to heal itself is amazing,” says Colbert.
“The products help to generate collagen in the skin, which is a good thing, and there are plant nutrients in all the products, which are very rich in all the ingredients that keep your skin looking younger."

Quick Fix?
The rise of quick and relatively painless beauty treatments like Botox and fillers, not to mention the rise in celebs who opt for such procedures, is making them more desirable to women, especially in the UAE.
Dubai’s Dr Luis Toledo says the demand for celebrity-style enhancements has increased locally, particularly with younger women who want to look like their idols.
He said: “We had a 20 per cent increase in people visiting the clinic before Ramadan. However, that was largely among my older clients.
“What I tend to find is that younger women in their twenties or early thirties have problems because their skin is damaged by the sun. But only if they absolutely need it will I perform any work.
“Younger clients have come in with photos of their favourite celebrities in the past and certainly they’ve been influenced by big Lebanese and Egyptian stars. Right now, the Haifa Wehbe look is one of our most popular requests.”

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