The Fanning sisters were supposed to be sports stars, not actresses!

29 Sep 2019

Thank goodness they ended up in Hollywood

Sisters Dakota and Elle Fanning were groomed to become sports stars, not actresses.

Maleficent star Elle, 21, tells Tatler magazine she fell into drama after watching her sister take up acting and never looked back.

The former cheerleader tells the publication, "We weren't supposed to do this at all. My mom played tennis, my dad played baseball, my mom's dad was a quarterback in the NFL (National Football League). We were supposed to play tennis or something."

But they were destined to become Hollywood stars instead: "I saw my sister doing it (acting) and I was a huge ham growing up. We would constantly put on these scenes around the house. It wasn't for anyone, only for ourselves. We would do lines, characters, it was very funny. It just felt right at home for us."

And Elle admits they could have chosen a less stressful career path: "There is a stigma placed on women in any workplace, but especially in Hollywood - you must be super competitive and super jealous. And it's something that people want to project, but it's actually not the case."