A shocking gas explosion in Bur Dubai left one dead and three injured

Residents were allowed to return to the building today
ByTeam Ahlan!Monday , 30 September 2019
A shocking gas explosion in Bur Dubai left one dead and three injured

On Saturday night, one man had died and four others were wounded in what appeared to be a cooking gas explosion in a three-year-old studio apartment building in the Al Mankhool area. The survivors were transported to Rashid Hospital Trauma Care.

Rashid Hospital in a statement said they received three critical cases and one non-critical case. They added, " One critical case patient arrived and was ongoing CPR and passed away shortly.

The other two patients, who were in a critical condition are currently receiving treatment at the ICU’s burn section. One patient is suffering from burns that cover 45 per cent of their body and the other is suffering from burns that cover 70 per cent of their body. The non-critical case received treatment for her injured arm and was discharged."

Unfortunately, two more adjacent flats also suffered significant damage as a result of the explosion on the sixth floor. 

All citizens living in the vicinity were prohibited from entering the building. However, today, almost 36 hours after the deadly gas explosion, they were allowed to return home. 

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