The Emirates blasts off to Mars

The UAE is heading into outer space and Ahlan! want to hitch a lift
ByRashmi JeetendraThursday , 17 July 2014
The Emirates blasts off to Mars
The UAE is heading to Mars!

The UAE is aiming to be among the top countries in the field of Aerospace technology by year 2021, when a new space probe will blast off towards Earth’s Scarlett-red neighbour planet, Mars.

This sensational new space venture by the UAE will mark the first Space entrance by an Islamic country. The space quest will set the UAE as an Arab pioneer delivering new scientific contributions to humanity, moreover the mission will help build Emirati technical skills and enhance the country’s development plan.

On a global scale, space technologies are becoming increasingly more important to security and economy of nations. Moreover the planetary sector is integral to many parts of life from telecommunications to broadcasting and monitoring of weather and natural disasters.

The Dhs1.1 billion industry is growing by around 8 percent annually. According to Sheikh Khalifa, UAE is as confident as ever, and he has great belief in the talents of its people. The space mission will be led by Emaratis to expand the nation’s human capital through knowledge transfer from various international partners.

The galactic space exploration initiation by the Emirates will take nine months to complete, and it will coincide with the 50th anniversary of the UAE’s National day. Most of Team Ahlan! have never been to space so if there's any free seats going we don't mind becoming space cowboys!

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