The Dubai Mall to Help Shoppers Find Lost Cars

Emaar trials idiot-proof system for forgetful visitors
ByLauren SteadmanWednesday , 07 May 2014
The Dubai Mall to Help Shoppers Find Lost Cars
'Losing' your car could become a thing of the past

We’ve all been there – you emerge, wearily, from a manic spending splurge to a sea of cars... and yours isn’t among them.

The sheer size of shopping centres here make this even more of a problem, but Emaar, which owns The Dubai Mall, may have found the solution.

It’s currently testing an idiot-proof system to help forgetful visitors find their vehicles within the mammoth complex.

Simply type your licence plate number into a touchscreen computer and it’ll identify your  car using a network of scanners distributed throughout its car park. The screen then generates a picture of the vehicle and pinpoints its exact location, as well as a map of how to get there. Easy-peasy.

The system’s currently on trial in the mall and Emaar hasn’t yet decided whether it’ll stay there long-term, a spokesman for the property giant said. But with 75 million visitors flocking there in the past year alone, it sounds like a bright idea to us. Now where did I put my keys?

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