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The Dubai Mall Now Has A Special Nap Zone

15 Mar 2018

Just in case you need a mid-shop sleep

Shopping is exhausting, we all know that. And it seems that The Dubai Mall has heard our cries, because it is offering a sleeping service! 

You can now go and nap in one of the mega-mall's secure sleep pods, if you need a little down-time, mid-shopping spree. 

Located in the P2 level entrance of the mall's Grand Parking, The Sleep Pod Lounge boasts 12 cosy pods, with shutters, so you can close the world off as you enjoy your shut-eye.

The service costs Dhs40 per hour, or if you're super-tired, you can enjoy three hours for Dhs95. After that it costs Dhs20-per-hour. 

Naturally, you can charge your phone as you sleep - just like at home - because each of the pods comes complete with adapters and sockets, and there is even the option to rent a pillow, to make it extra cosy. 

INFO: From Dhs40 per hour, The Dubai Mall,