Wow, The Dubai Mall responds to Bella Hadid removal picture requests

23 Jun 2019

The internet has been fuming

If you thought Bella Hadid's recent Instagram controversy was over, you'd be wrong. Now, people are requesting The Dubai Mall to remove all her products and pictures from their stores. Yikes. 

People tweeted malls including The Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates, asking them to remove Bella Hadid from practically everywhere. They made it very clear that they have not accepted her instant apology following that incident. 

It all kicked off (literally) when the model posted a photo of her foot against a glass window at the airport with UAE and Saudi airlines in the background. 

After people admitted they want her to stay away from the UAE all together, The Dubai Mall took action by responding to one of many requests. 

Mall of the Emirates took to twitter as well to make a comment on the issue. 


A video of the model's picture on a Christian Dior stand has been a hit on twitter, with Tweeters thanking outlets for taking action after their requests.