The Cast of Impossible Reveal All Ahead of the Show!

The Cast of Impossible Reveal All Ahead of the Show!

25 Sep 2016

If you're heading to Dubai Opera to see this magical performance this week, you're in for a real treat, and we've got all the deets about what's in store

The spectacular show Impossible is coming to Dubai this week for the very first time, and we caught up with the magicians (Chris Cox, Ben Hart and Josephine Lee) for a chat to find out what’s in store, discover their scariest moments on stage, plus what they had to say about the celebs they’ve worked with!

What are your funniest stories about celebrities you’ve performed magic to?

Chris: I have two memorable ones! I was with Liam Payne from One Direction and the first thing he said to me was, “Can you make Zayn reappear?” For one of my tricks, I had to feel his earlobe. My Twitter mentions, for the next two weeks, were full of fans asking what his earlobes felt like! The second was Ricky Gervais, who has an infamous squawky bird laugh that I managed to hear as I made him laugh, which was a real highlight for me as I find him hilarious.

Who would you most like to saw in half?

Donald Trump, partly to see if he was someone in disguise and it was all just an elaborate act.

Who would you most like to make disappear?

Ben: I live in the centre of London so people who walk slow or stand on the wrong side of the escalators. Also, I hate people who use their phone at the cinema or theatre. Recently, a woman’s phone went off at the theatre and not only did she answer it, but she actually said, “I can’t talk, I’m at the theatre!” really loud!

Have you had any scary moments where tricks went wrong?

Josephine: I once got stuck in an illusion for a good almost 15 minutes until I started having a panic attack. I was stuck in a magical place, so it’s not like people know where you are!

Ben: Though it hasn’t happened, we’re always a little worried about Jonathan whose act is to free himself from a straitjacket while it’s on fire. We all know the music he has playing with the trick so we’re always listening backstage to see if it carries on for a bit too long, because then we know something’s gone really wrong and we might have to all rush on stage and save him.

Are there any new tricks that you’ll be introducing exclusively for the Dubai audience?

Chris: Yes, Magical Bones is doing a new dance section exclusively for the Dubai audience, but the thing is no two of our shows are ever the same so there’s always something exclusive!

What can the audience expect from the show? 

Ben: The audience can expect a fast-moving, magical extravaganza full of daring stunts. There’s something for everybody of every age. It’s exciting and interesting, and you realise how vast and diverse the world of magic really is. Many people watch magic shows on YouTube or TV, and often you’ll assume there’s camera tricks or clever editing, but when it’s right in front of your eyes and live it’s amazing to see both adults and children taken by surprise.

INFO: Dhs250-Dhs6,800, 3pm and 8pm Mon 26-Fri 30 Sep, Dubai Opera, The Opera District, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown Dubai,