A local brand just raised the bar for the Bottle Cap Challenge and it's too good

A local brand just raised the bar for the Bottle Cap Challenge and it's too good

21 Jul 2019

Gotta watch out for Mother Nature too guys!

We've seen quite a few #BottleCapChallenges in the past months, and though they are indeed very impressive -especially with the insane karate-style kicks and the different twists celebrities put into it- the whole thing just isn't very environmental.

Fun fact, not everyone realises but a single plastic bottle will take 450 years to biodegrade. Yup, that's a pretty long time and combine all of the bottles used so far, it would take even longer than that.

But fear not because PepsiCo Arabia came to our rescue with their genius spin-off of the challenge which made Mother Nature nod in approval.

On July 15th, the company took to Instagram to post a #recylingchallenge, a video that starts off similar to the usual challenge with a capped bottle at the bottom of the screen and a challenger charging up their roundhouse kick right behind.

But the video takes a turn that we've never seen before; the challenger grabbed the bottle, drank the remaining water, and tossed it in the recycling bin. A simple gesture that many forget to do. WINNING. 

The challenge was performed at none other than the hub of sustainability at the pavillions of the EXPO 2020 site.

So the recyling issue started when Kendall Jenner of the Kar-Jenner clan posted a video on Instagram of her doing the challenge in the middle of the sea. People were outraged because they were worried high-profile celebrities like her would make fans think that careless disposal of these bottle caps was okay.

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you asked for it @haileybieber ...

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Seems like PepsiCo noticed the people's concerned reactions and wanted to post a reminder to pick up after ourselves. 

So what do you guys think of this challenge? Care to join us make the earth happy?