Check Out Ahlan!'s Hot 100 2014 Online!

Check Out Ahlan!'s Hot 100 2014 Online!

06 Mar 2014

The Big Reveal - see who made Ahlan!'s Hot 100 2014 list

Ahlan!'s Hot 100 for 2014 - 10 years in the making... A decade's worth of outstanding achievements celebrated. That's what makes it so special. As the UAE has flourished, so too has the prestige of the Hot 100 populated by the talent flooding into the region.

This, our 10th anniversary year, has seen more recommendations made for potential Hot 100 candidates than ever before! At the same time, competition is fierce among the high-fliers who have made their mark on the Emirates over the past 12 months.

So who are the fab people who's made the Hot 100 list for 2014? The full list is out now on You don't want to miss it!