The Berlin Girls are Back in Doha

The Berlin Girls are Back in Doha

12 Jan 2014

DJ Duo Aline & Suné chatted to us about partying in the Maldives and playing at the W’s Wahm Lounge

With their infectious energy and arsenal of funky house tunes, Berlin DJs Aline & Suné are becoming a popular fixture on Doha’s clubbing scene. Back in town for a stint at the Wahm Lounge, we caught up with the pair to talk clubbing, travelling and partying.

Welcome back to Doha! What can we expect from your sets?
Thank you! We’re happy to be back – it’s actually our fourth time in Doha as we’ve played at the W Doha three times before and we’ve always had a great stay. We change our sets all the time, depending on our favourite selection of new releases as well as older tracks. Every gig is a process from the first track to the last one, so we never prepare an exact order.

What's your fave party song?
We always have a favourite song of the moment! Right now, we love playing the song Blue Shadows from Israeli DJ and producer Chaim, which is going to be released in February.

What's your pick for best club classic?
We love a lot of house classics from the nineties, such as Music Is The Answer by Danny Tenaglia, featuring Celeda.

What do you always put in your suitcases when you travel?
Our mini-MIDI-keyboard to produce music on the road. We also make sure we’ve got lots of new movies and TV shows on our laptops to kill waiting time!

What's your fave place in the world to party?
This is quite difficult to answer, as we’ve been travelling and partying at a lot of places all over the world and the settings differ so much. A highlight of the last year was definitely our gig at the W Maldives during [Thai] fashion designer Milin’s runway show. We played right beside the Indian Ocean and a hot fresh sea wind was blowing around while everybody was dancing like crazy.
Playing the Wahm Lounge in Doha several times, though, we have always been amazed by the guests and the crew. They have great taste in music!

Have you made New Year resolutions?
It’s the same for us both - to make more time for music production and to continue to travel and play around the world.

Can we expect you back in Qatar anytime soon?
We hope so. We really enjoy being in Doha – it’s starting to feel like our second home!

Aline & Suné will be playing Thursday 23 January at Wahm as part of A Weekend to Remember.
INFO: Free entry, 10pm-2am, WAHM at W Doha, West Bay, 4453 5323,