The Beckhams' Baby Plan

David and Victoria are hoping for another kid
ByJJ Anisiobi
,Paul Martin
Tuesday , 19 May 2015
The Beckhams' Baby Plan

Victoria Beckham has finally given in to husband David’s dream of having one more baby –and now she’s going all out to make it happen. David, 40, had been pleading for months to try for “one last baby” and now pals of the couple say they are determined to make it happen.


Posh’s Race Against Time
A close friend of Victoria’s revealed: “Victoria knows at her age her chances of getting pregnant aren’t as high as when she had Harper. So she’s doing everything possible to boost her chances and she’s putting 100 per cent in to it.” Notoriously slim Victoria, 41, is even forcing herself to eat more food in a bid to conceive. “Since making the pact with David to try for another baby one of the massive changes she’s making is with her diet. She’s incorporating a dramatic new eating plan where she’s eating 10 scientifically proven super foods that can help boost her fertility levels.” The mother-of-four adopted the same plans when she was trying to get pregnant last time around. She believes food and fertility are intrinsically linked so having the right balance of vitamins and minerals in your diet is essential. The friend added: “She has a baby food wish list posted on her fridge which gives her a quick reminder at a glance of the foods she needs to be eating on a daily basis. She makes sure she takes at least seven of the ten each day as part of her meal plans. The list includes bananas which are rich in B6 and is the main vitamin for aiding conception.” Posh Spice is also really big on asparagus as this is great for getting folic acid into your system and helping to prevent ovulation failure. “Eggs and almonds are a huge feature in the diet. Eggs for the vitamin D which is vital for conceiving successfully and the vitamin E rich almonds that scientists say provides vital antioxidants during a pregnancy.”

Perfect Precision & Planning
But Victoria knows that she’s going to need more than just a good diet to help her get pregnant. The source explained: “She knows timing is everything, especially as she gets older, and she’s taking an ovulation calculator everywhere with her so she can pin point the exact days and even hours when her and David should be trying to conceive. She’s worked out a three month plan of her peak days and already organised her and David to go on romantic nights away to start trying during these times without the pressures of work and kids around.” The insider continued: “They’re so determined to make this work that Victoria is already refusing to take any work bookings further than ten months in advance so if she does get pregnant she can really concentrate on the late stages of the pregnancy and the first months of the new birth.” Always the supportive husband David’s said to also be sticking to the plan and he’s even talking to Victoria about what names he wants because she’s letting him choose!”

Business Before Pleasure
With Victoria’s fashion line more popular than ever and David in the throws of creating his own US Major League soccer team, the couple know careful planning is everything if she wants to get pregnant again. While the former pop star is keen to add to her brood, she knows that her business and brand is too important to just put on hold. “It took ages for David to convince Vic to try for another baby,” added the friend. “But now she’s agreed she wants to plan it all to perfection and make the dream become a reality.”

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