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The A-List of Beauty

02 Feb 2015
By Ahlanlive.com

As a recent survey named Hollywood star Audrey Hepburn as the most beautiful woman of all time, we take a look at the world’s ultimate icons…

Forget Photoshop, Botox and fillers – according to a recent survey carried out by leading cosmetics and skincare brand Artistry by Amway, it’s the Hollywood icons of eras gone by that reign supreme in the beauty stakes. And the top ten are? Drumroll please…

1. Audrey Hepburn
Best known for her role in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the old Hollywood legend fought off tough competition to secure the top spot. With her porcelain skin, highlighted-to-perfection hair and pulled-together poise, she’s still leaving her mark 21 years after her death. That’s a classic, timeless beauty for you proving she’s still stealing as many hearts today as she did in her prime.

2. Marilyn Monroe
Just pipped to the post, the blonde bombshell came in at second place. Currently stealing headlines, Ms Monroe was recently named the new face of Max Factor’s new campaign in all her platinum-blonde glamour. Unsurprisingly, she was one of Max Factor’s most famous clients – he’s even been credited for developing her bombshell image with the hair, the ruby lips and the tiny beauty mark on her cheek. You learn something new every day, hey!

3. Grace Kelly
While she may have only reigned as Hollywood royalty for five years before running off into the Monaco sunset to become a real life Princess, Grace still made it close to the top of the list. Gina McKinnon, author of What Would Grace Do?, credits her beauty to the simplest of tips: drinking lots of water, not smoking, swimming and ballet. Rumour has it she didn’t even have hairdressers living in the palace. Where do we sign up?  

4. Sophia Loren
While the Italian actress was once famously quoted as saying that: “Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical”, it seems the world agrees she’s beautiful both inside and out! What’s more, she continues to cement her status as global star to this day with her classic yet elegant red carpet style. You go girl! 

5. Beyoncé
Despite being the most googled female of 2014, Queen Bey only managed to bag fifth place on the list this time around. Kudos to her, though, for being the highest ranking modern-day icon to make it into the top ten. With her long flowing locks and bootylicious backside, it’s no surprise that Mrs Jay Z is queen of the noughties crop.  

6. Brigitte Bardot
The original queen of big hair and the perfectly-flicked cat eye, the Gallic actress may have stepped out of the limelight more than forty years ago but she is still sparking many-a bouffant-haired comparisons to this day. The ultimate femme fatale, her girlish innocence married with animal magnetism was enough to secure her a well-deserved beauty spot. Is there anyone she hasn’t mesmerised?

7. Jean Shrimpton
One of the sixties hottest models and Vogue cover girl, The Shrimp is dubbed one of the world’s first real supers. The leggy British brunette broke the modelling mould with her super slender frame and natural beauty and as David Bailey’s favourite subjects (and ex-girlfriends), you know she’s got to be something special. 

8. Kate Moss
Renowned for her party lifestyle and low maintenance beauty regime, I guess we can put Kate’s flawless face down to good genes. Some girls have all the luck, hey? Credited a good red lipstick and eyelash curlers as her secret weapons (she keeps a pair in each make-up bag for the perfect false lash look), she’ll surely go down in history as one of the world’s greats. 

9. Ava Gardner
Hailed as the most beautiful woman in the world in the early Fifties, Ms Gardner was one of the last of her generation to breathe in and double the lipstick to create an air of in-your-face confidence. But the full-on approach certainly worked for the American actress who knew how to work her femininity and her curves to the full advantage. Not bad for a country girl from North Carolina!

10. Scarlett Johansson
From her devilish smoky eyes to a sultry crimson lip, this hot new momma certainly isn’t one to play it safe. But as her roles in films such as Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Match Point prove, her desire to colour outside the lines certainly pays off. Dubbed a modern-day Marilyn Monroe, the original might have beaten her to one of the top spots but there’s no denying ScarJo’s effortless beauty.


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