Woman Flees Through Supermarket to Escape Kidnappers

The woman was fleeing men trying to kidnap her
Tuesday , 09 February 2016
Woman Flees Through Supermarket to Escape Kidnappers
Shopping Scene: A woman fled into a supermarket

Shoppers in a popular supermarket were left shocked and surprised when a semi-naked woman ran past them down the aisles.

The woman, named as Iranian ex-pat SS, was allegedly sprinting through the supermarket in a bid to escape being kidnapped by a man called BA.

Prosecutors said that SS, 33, and 17-year-old FL met BA, 31, at a nightclub in Al Muraqabat, where they drank alcohol and then went back to his home afterwards in Oud Mutainah. Upon arriving at the man’s home the two women became scared because there were lots of other men there too.

SS and FL fled the home on foot, but were tracked down by BA and another man who were in a car. Outside of the supermarket the men are said to have tried to force the two women into their vehicle and during the struggle they ripped off their clothing and handbags.

SS ran into the supermarket and hid in the prayer room while police were called to the scene.

The next hearing is set for February 24.

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