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Restraining Order Against Terrence Howard

07 Aug 2013

After claiming that Terrence Howard beat her last week, his ex-wife Michelle Ghent hits back with the law

Terrence Howard's ex-wife has secured a restraining order against him.

Michelle Ghent was granted a temporary protection order preventing The Butler star from coming within 100 yards of her, in court in Los Angeles on Tuesday (6 August), after claiming he beat her during an argument in Costa Rica last week.

Terrence is also not allowed to make contact with Michelle in any way and his own request for a restraining order was not granted, according to gossip website

The judge discussed text messages that Michelle sent Terrence, in which she allegedly threatened to kill him and his family in May, with her lawyer, who argued the content was misleading and incomplete.

Michelle's black eye was not mentioned in court and the judge assured Terrence's lawyer that his side of the story would be the focus of the next hearing.

The 44-year-old actor, who has three adult children, previously said he is "heartbroken" over the domestic abuse allegations and strongly denies attacking Michelle.

He said: "Unfortunately I've tried to help people and it's not necessarily in the same enlightened path, of trying to help themselves. We're divorced now, and she should stay that way. And I just wish the best for her, but as far as me harming somebody ... I really can't harm a fly. It's completely against my spirit, but I'm so heartbroken, that you can see that doing it on a night like this is only for an attempt to try and hurt me."