Ten Tips to Make Your Online Profile Stand Out

LinkedIn have come up with a few tips on how to create a profile that jump-starts conversation
ByAhlan! Live ReporterMonday , 17 February 2014
Ten Tips to Make Your Online Profile Stand Out
LinkedIn and online: Make a difference to your profile

Making yourself standout from the crowd can be difficult when applying for jobs, so LinkedIn have come up with a few tips on how to create a profile that jump-starts conversation. Think of your profile as a way to promote your brand — a professional permalink, a fixed point on the web to promote your skills, your knowledge, your personality. Brands build trust by using an authentic voice and telling a credible story. Here's ten tips to help you do the same...

Don’t Be Boring and Copy and Paste!
We all tend to choose the quickest way out of everything but sometimes that extra bit of effort can make a difference! Your aim is to build and promote your skills, knowledge and personality! Not just the usual boring copy and paste which we all like to do! Imagine you’ve been offered a movie role alongside Brad Pitt! Describe your experience and abilities as you would to him! Remember first impression is the last impression! Also add a photo so that people can recognize and remember you!

Project Yourself! Be Yourself!
Sound real and genuine! Tell a story to remember! Bring your profile to life with your voice - just as if you were in a conference or client meeting. You can do this by using detailed adjectives, colorful verbs and dynamic structure of words (“managed project team,” not “responsible for project team management”). Be yourself and act naturally by writing in third person.

Personalise Your Brand!
You want a unique tagline under your name! Not your email or company brand but a creative yet professional eye catching phrase that at a glance describes who you are! This is the first thing people will see in your profile and you want them to look back twice!

Grab Attention!
You have 5-10 seconds to capture attention and engage readers into your summary. Tell them who you are and what you do, this 30 second description is your personal elevator pitch. You want to pitch as high as possible in order to get more time from readers. So the more meaningful your summary is the more time you will get! The more time you get the more chances you have.

Skills, Skills, Skills - You’re the One!
Show that you have the special factor! Particular abilities, personal values you bring to your professional performance, humour, passion are some skills which make you special! You want people to find and remember you! Put in related industry buzzwords in your resume to make it easy to search for you.

Your Experience
Help the reader get hold of the key points. Briefly say what the company does and what you did or do for them. Don’t make it long winded, but describe using clear, short and to the point readable phrases. Don’t write an essay or long paragraphs but something simple and easily digestable!

Stand Out and Be Different!
There’s always more you can add to your profile in the additional section with key interests, passion, websites that display your talent, if you are an award winner, a recognized individual and so on. You can showcase them here. This is your chance to stand out and add status and class to your profile.

Questions and Answers
You want to give people a reason to look at your profile and show them you are reliable and trustworthy. Do this by asking thoughtful questions and giving useful answers in your field to establish your expertise, raise your visibility and to build social capital with people in your network.

Good References and Recommendations
Not only get them for you but do it for others too! Whether it’s a client, colleague or employer, get their opinion of you! Remember it’s about the quality not quantity! So get them to focus on a specific skill, personality wise, ability or your performance! Get a convincing and believable recommendation! When recommending others be sure to mix it up and make relevant comments to make it sound real!

Identify and Build Connections
Carefully identify, build and follow connections that will help you in every way! They are important parts of your brand the company you decide to keep will reflect the quality of it! Team spirit and unity is a two way thing here, find the right connections and you will benefit from them!

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