Tell The Truth!

18 Dec 2008

Guy Forces Madonna to admit he won't be getting her millions

MADONNA was reportedly swayed into retracting a statement about her divorce settlement after GUY RITCHIE demanded she set the record straight.

The Material Girl's spokeswoman issued a press release on Monday confirming that the singer had agreed a payout to her estranged husband of between $76 million and $92 million.

The former couple then put out a joint statement on Wednesday insisting the earlier press release was "misleading and inaccurate" and was "wrongly issued".

And a source now insists the retraction came about because Ritchie was livid that the figures in the original statement were too high.

British newspaper the Daily Telegraph reports the Snatch director was also "furious" Madonna's aides had broken an agreement to keep the financial settlement private - and he "pressured" his ex-wife into retracting the statement.