The teens who look 25!

02 Oct 2008

They grow up fast in Hollywood... but these girls have added at least 10 years to their looks!

For every Dakota Fanning, who at 14 is starring in serious movies and looking her cute and clean cut age, there’s an Ali Lohan, Taylor Momsen and Miley Cyrus, desperate to power through their teens as fast as possible and come across as older than SJP! We take a look at the trio of teens, who are growing up frighteningly fast…

Ali Lohan

Real Age: 14

Anyone who’s seen Living Lohan, will know that Ali is the super-precocious little sister of Lindsay, who is desperate to kickstart her career in Hollywood.
But the young would-be actress has been criticised for looking and acting much older than her 14 years. “I want [fame] so bad. So bad you don’t even know,” Ali famously insisted.

And her looks sparked a spat between her estranged dad, Michael, and CNN newsreader, Anderson Cooper, after the newsman commented, “This perfectly nice, allegedly a 14-year-old girl, looks to be about 60.”

Taylor Momsen

Real Age:15

Starring as Jenny Humphrey in the teen angst drama, Gossip Girl has certainly had an impact on the actress, who seems desperate to come across as older and more sophisticated.

Favouring miniscule frocks and grown-up make-up, the teen star, who signed with a modelling agency at the age of 14, has been worryingly praised by Gossip Girl executive producer, Stephanie Savage, as, “Very grown-up, very self-aware.” Scary!

Miley Cyrus

Real Age:15

Miley’s has earned mega-fame as the fast-talking, but clean cut schoolgirl/singing star in Disney TV show, Hannah Montana. But after that Vanity Fair photoshoot, coupled with her penchant for short skirts and 20-year-old boyfriends in the form of model, Justin Gaston, the actress is growing up rapidly.
Having caused controversy with a series of racy photos which hit the Internet, of the 15-year-old exposing her stomach and showering in her underwear, Miley’s best friend, Mandy Jiroux is older at 20, and she has no pals her own age.