Sharjah girl returns home from school, jumps from 15th floor

Another shocking suicide has rocked Sharjah
ByHend FadelMonday , 16 November 2015
Sharjah girl returns home from school, jumps from 15th floor
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A 14-year-old student committed suicide in Sharjah

Sharjah has once again been left in shock following the death of a teenager who, according to police, committed suicide by jumping from a high-rise building on Sunday.

The young girl, who was a 10th grade student at Sharjah Delhi Private School, apparently returned home from school, put her bag down and immediately jumped from the 15th floor balcony of her family apartment in Al Nahda area. She died instantly. 

The girl's mother was at home when the horrible incident happened, and told police that the 14 year old had no problems she was aware of and her condition was normal. The school principal also said that the girl was social and happy, and was a good student who completed her work on time.

According to Khaleej Times, the police have launched an investigation to find out why the girl committed suicide, and have taken multiple people into custody fpr questioning, including the girl’s teachers.

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