#TeamAngelWolf are about to break not one, but TWO Guinness World Records

#TeamAngelWolf are about to break not one, but TWO Guinness World Records

28 Oct 2019

Good luck Team Angel Wolf!

Prepare to see the endurance racing family break TWO swimming records on November 2.

The former Royal Marine and fitness expert, Dad Nick Watson, aims to break the record by pulling his 16-year-old son, Rio, sitting in a kayak for 5km and 10km of open water swimming.

Rio was born with a rare chromosome disorder that affects his speech and motor skills, and basic movements such as walking are difficult.

HOWEVER, with the help of his amazing family, his disorder doesn't stop him from experiencing the thrills.


During the 10km race, Nick will have ankle bands attached to 3km of ropes attached to the kayak in which Rio will be sitting.

#TeamAngelWolf shows the world that with a little support, everyone can participate in sports and prove that anything is possible.

If you don't know what #TeamAngelWolf is, it's a non-profit organisation that aims to foster the importance of family, to facilitate the integration of people with disabilities and to enable society to embrace their own health.

Show your support for Team Angel Wolf by going down to the Dubai offshore Sailing Club to cheer them on from 6am to 12pm.